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Closing an account or changing account ownershipClosing an account or changing account ownership

This article provides some important advice about closing an AlpohaCall account or changing the account owner.

Closing an account means that you will no longer have any services with Central Coast Internet. You may choose to move your service to another provider if possible, but all other services will be cancelled.

Changing account ownership means another person is agreeing to take responsibility for owning all of the Central Coast Internet services on the account and paying the invoices for the account.

Who has the authority to close an Central Coast Internet account or change ownership

Only someone listed on the account as a Billing Contact (Account Holder) may close an account or authorise a change in ownership.

If you need to take control of an account via Power of Attorney or a similar scenario where the account holder is unable to manage their account, please call us on 1300 746 754. We can then advise what's necessary to gain access to the account information (such as a Statutory Declaration).

Invoices after account closure

After your account has been closed, we must then wait for our billing system to raise your next invoice. Any credit on your Central Coast Internet account will be used to balance charges on your final invoice. If there's not enough credit to balance all of the charges, the remaining amount due can be paid in the same way you usually pay your Central Coast Internet invoices.

If any credit remains on your account after your final invoice has been paid, it can be refunded to your nominated bank account or credit card. This should balance your Central Coast Internet account.

Invoices when changing account ownership

Our billing system cannot split charges between previous and current account holders. As soon as the new account holder is added to the account, they are responsible for paying the full amount of all subsequent invoices and charges for the account, including charges dated from before they date they took ownership.

Both parties are responsible for settling any amounts they owe each other amongst themselves. Central Coast Internet will not mediate in any way; we will only issue the invoice for all charges due to the new account holder.

Moving house?

Just because you're moving house doesn't mean you need to cancel. We should be able to relocate your broadband services, even if you're switching from one kind of internet service to another. See our Moving House FAQ.

Whenever you're moving house, you should always call our Support Team on 1300 746 754 to advise us of the move so we can make sure things go smoothly. If you don't notify us of the move/cancellation, our billing system may continue to charge you for Central Coast Internet services connected at your old address.

What happens when I make a complaint?

If you call us to make a complaint, the consultant who answers your call will aim to resolve your issue with you on the spot.

If you write to us or fax us, we aim to acknowledge your complaint within one business day of our receiving your fax or letter.

If we need to investigate your complaint further, then we aim to resolve it - or tell you what we're doing to resolve it - within five business days.

We'll also provide you with a reference number for your complaint.

We will aim to resolve your complaint within 15 business days of you raising it.

How to make a complaint

  • Talk to us on 1300 746 754
  • To lodge a complaint via letter or fax:
    Central Coast Internet Complaints
    U 1, 40 George St
    Granville NSW 2142
    FAX: (02) 9760 0069

Want to take it further?

If we’re still unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) on 1800 062 058. For full contact information visit

The TIO is an office of last resort for complaints about telecommunications services.

How do I read my Central Coast Internet bill?

This article will walk you through the layout of your Central Coast Internet bill and explain important elements on the front page.

Overdue Invoices

This article will explain what happens when an Central Coast Internet invoice is overdue.

How do overdue invoices happen?

If you use an automatic payment method such as direct debit or credit card, overdue invoices rarely happen. However, it is possible for a payment to fail, such as when:

  • The credit card details have been deactivated because the card was reported as lost or stolen.
  • A bank account has closed.
  • A credit card has expired.
  • A payment was declined by your bank or credit institution.

If you use a manual payment method such as BPAY, then your payment may not be received until after your invoice due date because these payments can take up to 5 business days to process.

As long as the payment clears before the invoice is 10 days overdue, there should be no interruption to your Central Coast Internet services, however you will get an automated notification to remind you that the invoice is overdue.

What happens to my account when an invoice is overdue?
  • Once an invoice is 14 days overdue, your services with Central Coast Internet will be suspended.
  • An invoice that is 42 days overdue will be passed on to a debt collection agency. Once this occurs, additional debt recovery fees may apply.
How to avoid service suspension?

Arrange payment for your invoice. Payment opionts are shown on your invoice.

Alternatively, you can request a 14-day invoice extension by calling us on 1300 746 754.

What is a difference between a credit and a refund?

What is a credit?

A credit is an amount of money added to your Central Coast Internet account by a Customer Service Representative. They may be applied to your account to correct billing errors or to cover downtime where you were unable to use your services due to a fault.

Unlike a refund, a credit is not returned to your nominated bank account or credit card – it stays on your Central Coast Internet account until it is used to balance charges on your next invoice.

For example, if your account has a credit of $40.00 and your next invoice totals $75.00, then your invoice would only require a payment for $35.00.

What is a refund?

A refund is an amount of credit on your Central Coast Internet account that is returned to your nominated bank account or credit card. A refund must only be processed if your Central Coast Internet account has a credit on it – otherwise it will put your Central Coast Internet account in the negative.

For example, if your Central Coast Internet account was in credit for $35.00, then a $35.00 refund to your credit card would bring your Central Coast Internet account balance back to $0.00.

Refunds for closed accounts

When an Central Coast Internet service is cancelled, any amount paid in advance is credited back to your Central Coast Internet account. This can then go towards charges on your following invoice(s). If you've closed your Central Coast Internet account, the credit will go towards your final invoice.

If there is any remaining credit on your account after your final invoice has been paid, you may request it to be refunded. Typically the Customer Service Rep handling your account closure will advise if they'll monitor your account to action any refunds after your final invoice. If this wasn't arranged, please call us on 1300 746 754 for assistance.

How do I make a one-off payment?

Central Coast Internet has two simple ways of making a once off payment.

What Early Termination Charges (ETC)?

Early Termination Charges are fees that you need to pay if you choose to cancel an Central Coast Internet service before your contract end date.

The ETC will be pro-rated by the number of months remaining in the minimum contract term. Charges are as follows:

  • Month to Month: No Early Termination Charge
  • 12 Month: $199
  • 18 Month: $349

E.g.: if you cancel your Central Coast Internet ADSL2+ Service after month 6 of a 12 month contract term, your ETC will be: ($199 x 1 service) x (6th Month/12 Months) = $199 x 0.5 = $99.50.

Does Central Coast Internet charge fees on some payments methods?

We have a range of billing and payment options, many of which have no additional fees.

All our billing and payment options, and any associated fees, are listed below.

Payment Option Fee
Direct Debit from bank account, debit card or credit card $0.00
BPAY® & BPAY® View $0.00
By debit card or credit card via the Central Coast Internet website Debit or credit card payment processing fee
By debit card or credit card over the phone Debit or credit card payment processing fee
By Electronic Funds Transfer $0.00
By cheque through postal mail $1.00

Are there any debit or credit card fees?

Yes. If you pay with a debit card or credit card, you may be charged a processing fee. These are the applicable credit & debit card fees.

Credit or Direct Debit card Fee
VISA, MasterCard, American Express 0.30% plus GST*
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